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Flights to Perpignan Airport (PGF)

Also known as Rivasaltes Airport, Perpignan Airport (PGF) is located in the Eastern part of the Pyrenees. It is five kilometers north of the city of Perpignan and it is quite close to the Spanish border. Many travelers cross the border from Spain in the Costa Brava area to travel from this airport. Although Perpignan Airport (PGF) is quite small, it is very busy, so travelers are warned to arrive early and expect to wait in lines. The airport has two runways and can handle up to 700,000 passengers a year.The airport is served by the carriers Aeris, Air France, Flybe and Ryanair; with destinations of Paris, Brussels, Birmingham, Southampton, London and Manchester.With facilities including ATMs, a variety of little shops and restaurants where travelers can purchase everything from magazines and snacks to souvenirs and local wines to a business center, Perpignan Airport (PGF) goes above and beyond the requirements for a basic airport. The great location and friendly atmosphere make the airport a solid choice for many travelers, especially those coming from England on holiday in the summer months.Ground transportation from Perpignan Airport (PGF) is varied, with six different car rental companies, as well as taxis and airport buses.

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