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Arriving and Departing the City of Brotherly Love

A fleet of taxis and buses connects the airport with downtown on a 24-hour basis. The airport is also readily accessible to drivers, but rapid growth means that parking is at a premium. To save on effort, travelers would be well advised not to drive themselves to the airport unless they have ample time to secure parking. Philadelphia International consists of seven terminals, five of which are joined together and do not require additional transportation for catching connecting flights. Shuttle buses run between Terminal F, which is not connected to the other terminals, and Terminal C, which is. Travelers flying domestically will find that it takes about six hours to reach Philadelphia from the West Coast and approximately two hours from Chicago or Florida. The airport is a primary hub for US Airways, but many other carriers go in and out as well, including international airlines such as Air France and British Airways, in addition to US-based Northwest, Continental and United.

International flights depart from Terminal A West. Improvements to all terminals are constantly taking place as the airport attempts to meet the requirements of steadily growing passenger traffic. As a result, visitors should be prepared for possible delays and minor inconveniences.

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