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Flights to Pokhara Airport (PKR)

Pokhara Airport (PKR) is a regional airport in a popular tourist area of the Himalayan mountain country of Nepal. It is a small airport but quite busy for its size and is currently the third busiest airport in the country after Kathmandu and Biratnagar. There are direct connections from the airport to the capital Kathmandu, as well as Jomsom, and Manang on a seasonal basis.

Aircraft flying to Pokhara Airport (PKR) are generally very small and the average number of passengers on board departing flights is less than 50. Fewer than 200,000 passengers pass through the airport each year.

Facilities at the airport are very limited. A little shopping and snacks are about the best that visitors can hope for. Ground transportation is most easily accomplished by taking one of the taxis that will usually be waiting in front of the terminal, waiting to negotiate a fare with arriving visitors.

There is no hotel on site but there is a Holiday Inn very close by. Visitors should stipulate that they want a mountain view otherwise they will be looking out their window at the airport.There are a little over 100 domestic flights each week to the airport. Nepal Airlines, Yeti Airlines, Buddha Air and Cosmic Air all offer flights to Pokhara Airport (PKR).

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