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Flights to Rabat- Salé Airport (RBA) Rabat

Morocco’s second major airport is the Rabat- Salé Airport (RBA) which is located around eight kilometers northeast of the center of the city.The airport now handles fewer than half a million passengers each year and has an annual capacity of 700,000. Rabat- Salé Airport (RBA) does not handle much international traffic any longer; however, the national carrier Royal Air Maroc and Air France still have some direct flights to and from Paris. Most other flights serving the airport are to and from other Moroccan cities.For making the short trip from the airport into central Rabat, the easiest option is to take a taxi from the rank in front of the terminal. Taxis are easily identifiable by their sign and number, but make sure you agree on a fare before setting off and some haggling over the fare is expected.Facilities for visitors to Rabat- Salé Airport (RBA) are limited but there are banking and currency exchange services available, plus a few local airlines and Air France have counters at the airport. There are postal services, an ATM, and pay phones available plus a limited range of food and beverage and retail shops selling items like newspapers, confectionary and tobacco. A small selection of duty-free goods is available for passengers leaving, or on flights to Rabat- Salé Airport (RBA).

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