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Conveniently located in Delaware, Rehoboth Beach is a classic east coast beach town. The main attraction is the white sand and the waves waiting for you on the beach. Since this is a small town, it is perfect for traveling on foot. For those who enjoy museums and art, Lewes Historical Society, Nanticoke Indian Museum and Overfall Maritime Museum provide you with an abundance of exhibits and attractions that you are sure to enjoy. The Indian River Life Saving Station is a beautiful museum that is run by the state park.

Depending on the time of year you visit Rehoboth Beach, United States, you can engage in Dolphin and Whale Watching off the coast. Cape May-Lewes Ferry offers rides for you to enjoy the water. American Aerospace provides you with airplane rides around the area, so that way you can get an aerial view of the city. From fishing to golf to horseback riding, you can enjoy any number of activities around town.

Hotel Rehoboth, The Henlopen Hotel and Boardwalk Plaza Hotel are available to provide you with hotel accommodations while you are visiting this gorgeous town. Regardless of what you are planning to do or spend while you are in town, you are sure to find something that will stay within your budget. Enjoy an array of activities while on your trip to Delaware and away from the busy cities.


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