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Flights to Saipan International Airport (SPN)

Set in solitude among the vast Pacific Ocean, the United States Northern Marina Islands are literally a world away from the almost anywhere and thus visitors arrive almost exclusively via flights to Saipan International Airport (SPN) on Saipan, the commonwealth’s largest island. The airport is situated on the southern tip of the island near the village of Dandan. The airport played a major role during World War II and began commercial operations during the 1950’s after the close of the war. Today, it hosts commercial routes operated by a handful of both Asian and U.S. carriers, though there are no direct links to the United States mainland without first passing through hubs in Asia or Guam followed by Honolulu. Nonstop routes from Saipan International Airport (SPN) include Seoul, Osaka, Busan, Guangzhou, Guam, Rota, Nagoya, Tokyo, Tinian and Shanghai. Passengers traveling on flights to Saipan International Airport (SPN) can expect small and pleasant facilities on arrival. There’s a good range of onsite airport services including duty-free goods, light retail shopping, tourist information, internet access, massage booth, ATMs and a reasonable variety of food and beverage options. There are also onsite branches of Hertz, Budget, National, Avis and Alamo offering a wide range of rental vehicles to passengers arriving on flights to Saipan International Airport (SPN).

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