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The Airports in San Francisco are San Francisco (SFO) International and Oakland (OAK) International

The four terminals in San Francisco International Airport are linked together via an internal transit system called AirTrain. This busy airport is one of the top thirty busiest airports in the world. Food courts with local restaurants rather than the usual fast food choices make flights to San Francisco International Airport an unexpected treat. You will be surprised to find that SFO airport houses a variety of fun activities including museums and an aquarium.

San Francisco International Airport is located 14 miles south of San Francisco. There is a Metro rail service that conveniently runs twenty-four hours a day from the airport to the city. There are a variety of hotels and motels nearby if you are spending the night. San Francisco International Airport is the hub for United Airlines and Virgin America.

Oakland International Airport is famous as the last place Amelia Earhart was seen alive. But more importantly it is the easiest way to fly into the San Francisco area as it is closer to the East Bay than San Francisco International Airport. Locals prefer flights to Oakland International Airport over San Francisco International Airport because there are less flight delays because of fog and there are more cheap flights available.

This airport is less than a half hour to drive to San Francisco via the famous Golden Gate Bridge. Flights to Oakland International Airport arrive in one of two terminals which are connected via a pedestrian walkway that features a moving sidewalk. To take public transportation away from Oakland and into San Francisco, you take a bus from the airport to the BART station. The Amtrak station and the Alameda/Oakland ferry terminal are conveniently connected to Oakland International Airport by a bus as well.

The numbers of airlines that have flights to Oakland International Airport are limited. Flights from the east coast and the mid-west to Oakland International Airport are limited. East coast cities with flights to Oakland International Airport are Boston, New York (JFK) and Washington. The mid-west cities that have flights to Oakland International Airport are Chicago, Nashville and Kansas City. Despite the limited number of flights, it does house some well known budget airlines. Within two miles of Oakland International Airport you can find lodging fit for both the budget and luxury traveler. Many of these hotels provide free shuttle bus service.

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