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Locating the Best Hotels in Santiago, Chile

Santiago is the capital of Chile and full of cultural and entertainment opportunities for visitors. You will want to get plenty of rest before taking one of the highly recommended free walking tours, so you should consider staying at the Hostel Romandia located in a quiet part of the city. You will find it on Roman Diaz or go to General Ekdhal and stay at the Hostel del Barrio. If you want to be closer to the action in the city center, you can try some other budget places like the Atacama or the hotel Angamos located on Angamos. It has a reputation for being a safe place to stay, and you can check in at any time.

There is no shortage of nightlife choices in the center part of Santiago with everything available from disco bars to jazz clubs. An elegant hotel with a mid-range price in the center is the NH Cuidad de Santiago on Condell Avenida. Some other options for mid-range accommodations include the MG apartments on Pedro de Valdivia and the Petit Hotel Meridiano Sur on Santa Beatriz.

Visitors who want to explore the historical parts of the city can stay at the upscale Hotel Fundador on Paseo Serrano. Some other luxury hotel options are the Marriott and the Grand Hyatt on Avenida Presidente Kennedy. You will be safe in Santiago if you exercise some caution and do not show off expensive items that might tempt a thief to accost you.

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