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Flights to Sarajevo Airport – arriving in the beautiful Balkans

The airport is located 6km southwest of the Sarajevo and operates from 6am until 10pm. Nine different airlines service the airport, and flights to Sarajevo come from all over Europe, as well as from Tripoli, Libya. The airport has two terminals, the older Terminal A and the newer Terminal B which features the majority of the airport’s services. The two terminals are connected. The airport features a good size duty-free shop with all of the usual duty-free offerings, plus there are a couple of cafes with somewhat limited menus, a bar, as well as a post office, bank, currency exchange counters and a newsagent. The food & beverage outlets are spread throughout the airport’s two terminals with more of them to be found in Terminal B. There are also two banks on the ground floor of Terminal B.

Taxis into the city are easy to find. They are parked waiting near Terminal B. Fares are set by the local taxi association and meters should always be used, although drivers often try to overcharge. It is possible to agree on a fare with the driver but officially the price cannot exceed the metered fare. Calling 1515 can quickly get an official city taxi to pick you up, the driver of which is less likely to overcharge. A number of car rental companies also have a presence at Sarajevo Airport.

There are no hotels located at the airport.

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