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Flights to Gimpo International Airport (GMP) Seoul

Up to 2001, the massive Korean metropolis of Seoul was served only by Gimpo International Airport (GMP) Seoul, a modified remnant of the Korean War situated in the city’s suburbs. Although the majority of flights have since been shifted to its newer and larger counterpart to the west of the city, flights to Gimpo International Airport (GMP) Seoul continue to operate and the airport functions as an alternative for domestic service and short international hops.There are about 10 carriers in operation at Gimpo International Airport (GMP) Seoul, including all the major Korean airlines and a handful of Chinese and Japanese carriers. The available nonstop routes include Busan, Tokyo, Sacheon, Shanghai, Osaka, Pohang, Jeju, Tsushima, Ulsan and Yeosu. This airport is often a preferred choice for travelers because of its short distance from the city. There are a number of ground transportation options, including quick and easy transport via the Gimpo Airport Subway station that is linked directly to the airport. There are also several city bus lines, limousine service and deluxe, regular and short-distance taxis. Alternatively, several car rental companies are located inside the domestic terminal, and many hotels provide transportation for guests arriving on flights to Gimpo International Airport (GMP) Seoul.

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