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The Inns and Outs of Hotels in Washington's Emerald City

Hotels in Seoul are located in all of the major districts of the city, and most of the major tourist attractions are surrounded by a variety of accommodation options that will meet any budget or standard. Many of the sights to see in Seoul are located within several miles of each other, and the subway system has stops at all of them.

The area around Changgyeonggung Palace contains several hotels for the high to midrange budget. The Best Western is located in this area. The Jongmyo Temple is near the palace and is located close to several Korean hotels with moderate to expensive room rates. This area also has a branch of the Marriott Executive Apartments.

The Park Hyatt is located in the central business district and the Ritz Carleton is in the Gangnamu area of the city.

The area around Namsan park is home to several luxury hotels, many of which have rooms with spectacular views of Mt. Namsan. This spot is also the location of the Shilla Seoul, which has its own 23-acre woodland.

The commercial district of Kangam and the Olympic Stadium offers internationally known hotels such as the Ramada. Most of the midpriced international business chains are located in this part of the city.

Insa-dong, home to many of the cities antique and art galleries, offers a range of hotel options from budget to expensive. The Lotte group, which owns the Lotte department store, has two hotels of its own located very close to the store. There are also several other hotels in the area. The Korea house, a restaurant that features traditional Korean performances and allows visitors to see a traditional Korean wedding, is near hotels ranging in price from cheap to extravagant.

Many of the lower priced hotels are in the Dongdaemun market district, which is adjacent to the Korea University area. Dongdaemun market is surrounded by accommodations to fit most budgets. There are even two co-op residences in the area.

Cheap hotels can be found scattered throughout the city. Most major tourist sites have at least one budget or low-priced hotel in their area.

For a more unique stay, tourists can reserve a room at a traditional Korean house. Called Hanok stays, there are at least four available in Seoul. Visitors may also arrange for accommodation at one of several Buddhist temples.

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