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The Finest Hotels in Shipshewana, Indiana

Shipshewana is a place where you can see and experience a bit of Amish or Mennonite culture by eating at their restaurants or watching them canter by in a horse and buggy. You can also visit the largest flea market in Indiana and the Midwest while you are here. The Super 8 hotel is on South Van Buren Street and provides clean and comfortable accommodations for those on a budget. Der Ruhe Blatz Motel is another budget choice on the same street. The rooms have good amenities for an economically priced hotel, and you can bring your pets.

The Farmstead Inn on South Van Buren Street is a mid-range establishment that also serves as a conference center. The rooms are large, and you're close to the tourist shops in the downtown area. You can see the Amish pacer track for their horses from the newer section of the hotel. This is Amish country, and everything seems to stop on Sunday, but there are plenty of activities during the rest of the week. The Amish Country Inn further down South Van Buren Street is located close to the flea market site.

The Van Buren Hotel at Shipshewana is in a quiet location that is perfect if you want to explore the Amish countryside. It's a beautiful hotel with very reasonable rates considering the quality of the staff and the accommodations. The room furnishings are beautiful pieces carved out of oak by a local craftsman.

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