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21st-Century Comfort

The lap of luxury can be found in the many five-star hotels in the Central Business District, along the popular Orchard Road shopping district, and in the Marina Bay area. Whether you want river view, sea view, or a view of Singaporeís magnificent, ever-expanding skyline, itís yours for the booking. Many of these hotels are either near or directly connected to large shopping malls. Among the most famous as well as being the best located would be the venerable Raffles Hotel, having both its own upscale shopping arcade and being located directly across the street from Raffles City, a large shopping mall. Although most of the hotels in these areas can be considered at least upscale, there are a few cheaper options as well, with room size often being the biggest sacrifice for a cheap hotel.

There are more options in the River Valley area, near the popular riverside nightlife. Familiar names such as Holiday Inn dot the landscape in this area, as well as a few more luxurious choices. Those who prefer being very close to the main business areas without actually being in them will enjoy their stay in this magnificently green and shady area of the city.

For more of a resort feel with a beach nearby, Sentosa Island has several offerings ranging from the five-star Beaufort to an upscale hostel. Situated amid golf courses and several tourist attractions, the Sentosa area is for those who prefer to be away from the main hustle and bustle of the city. Rooms here, especially those involving weekend dates, should be reserved well in advance, as Sentosa is a very popular getaway for Singaporeans. The island is connected to the mainland by a bridge and is well served by public transportation including, of all things, a cable car line that connects to Mt. Faber.

Several miles east of the Central Business District one can find several budget accommodation options in the Joo Chiat Road area, also known for some of the best eating establishments in Singapore. Although most everywhere in Singapore is safe, this areaís prurient nightlife might make it more suited to hardy travelers rather than families.

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