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Flights to Tabriz International Airport (TBZ)

Tabriz International Airport (TBZ) is located in the city of Tabriz, which is Iranís fourth-largest city. Opening in 1950, the airport is the only flight facility in the region that offers international service. It has a number of daily commercial flights and also serves as a military base. Some of the carriers operating at Tabriz International Airport (TBZ) are Iran Air, Naft Airlines, Kish Airlines, Taban Airlines, and Turkish Airlines. Most of the flights are domestic, although there are international flights to Istanbul and Dubai.

Tabriz International Airport (TBZ) is relatively small in size. On the one hand, this means that the facility provides limited services and amenities. But on the other hand, convenience is an advantage here as passengers will spend less time waiting in lines at this airport. There are a number of hotels nearby, and these range in price from budget accommodations to luxury properties. The Merit Sahmaran Hotel, the Turvan Hotel, and the Sarp Hotel are just a few of the ones close to the airport. There is little in the way of public transportation going to and from the airport. Most passengers take a taxi to their final destination after arriving at Tabriz International Airport (TBZ).

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