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Flying to Mehrabad Airport – gateway to all of Iran

Tehran is the country’s aviation hub and there are flights from Tehran to just about every provincial capital in the country. Almost all of these flights leave from Mehrabad Airport. The airport has adequate facilities and six terminals but not all are any longer in use. Terminal 1 was closed after the opening of the newer and bigger Imam Khomeini International airport. Almost all international flights to Tehran now use the new airport. However, much of Iran’s extensive domestic flight network and a handful of flights to Middle Eastern destinations still fly in and out of the more conveniently located Mehrabad Airport. Terminal 2 serves mostly domestic traffic, plus some cargo flights. Terminal 3 is used by the Air Force, Terminal 4 handles exclusively domestic flights and Terminal 5 is the Hajj Terminal. Terminal 6 is used by the Iranian government.

The easiest way to get from the airport into Tehran is by taxi. Taxis are not expensive and plentiful. A taxi booth is located in the Arrivals Hall which can help visitors organize a car. There is no rail nor bus link from the city to the airport, however there is a bus link from Mehrabad to Imam Khomeini Airport.

Visitors to Iran should note that they will not be allowed entry if they have an Israeli stamp in their passport. Also, despite what some guides will tell you, there is no departure fee for travelers leaving Iran by air.

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