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Flights to Mehrabad International Airport (THR) Tehran

The capital and largest city in Iran was long served by just a single airport, Mehrabad International Airport (THR) Tehran, until 2004 when nearly all international flights and the majority of domestic ones were gradually moved to a new facility. Today, flights to Mehrabad International Airport (THR) Tehran continue, although the destinations are limited mainly to domestic cities, except during Hajj when millions of people travel to Saudi Arabia for religious purposes. Even so, many travelers still prefer this airport due to its proximity to Tehran, as opposed to its more-distant counterpart located to the southwest of the city. The available nonstop routes to the older facility include Ahvaz, Rahst, Sary, Shiraz, Bandar Abbas, Isfahan, Urmieh, Mashad, Tabriz, Kish Island, Asalouyeh and Gorgan.Arriving passengers can expect to enjoy the basic traveler comforts at the airport, including ATMs, currency changing services, lounges, efficient Internet access, retail shopping opportunities, and a reasonable selection of restaurants and quick-meal options for travelers who are on the go. The ground transportation options include taxis and public bus service, which take about 30 minutes to reach the city center during normal traffic hours. Additionally, there are several onsite car rental companies available to passengers taking flights to Mehrabad International Airport (THR) Tehran.

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