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Numerous Hotel Accommodations While Staying in Tehran

As the capital of Iran, Tehran is a busy metropolis full of people and plenty to do. It rests at the base of the Alborz mountain range, which is truly a remarkable sight for all tourists. Plenty of restaurants, parks and museums are scattered throughout the city. Depending on what part of Tehran you plan to stay, you can choose from a number of different hotel accommodations. From the Firouzeh Hotel to the Hotel Naderi, you can find a hotel room that meets your needs. Either you can choose to stay on the north side of the city or the south side, which will affect the choices in hotel accommodations you have available to you.

One of the longest standing symbols of the city is that of The Azadi Tower. You have to see this sight to understand how amazing it truly is while on your vacation to the city. The Milad Tower is the fourth largest tower from around the world. Just about anywhere you are in the city, you will be able to see this structure. Out of all the historic monuments in the city, the Golestan Palace is the oldest in town with more than 17 different museums, halls and palaces. When in town, make sure you take the time to check out the palace and experience the gardens, architecture and residence in one visit.


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