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Thessaloniki, Greece:

Finding the Best Hotels in a very old City.

Thessaloniki is a city with thousands of years of history. Visitors will want to spend most of their time in the center of the city since that is where most of the entertainment and commercial activities take place. There are reasonably priced hotels in the center like the Tourist Hotel or the Rex Hotel which is very close to the train station.

You can find more places to stay as you leave the center of the city, and it is possible to negotiate a lower price during slow months. The Park Hotel has a reputation for good food and reasonable prices. You will find it close to the old Administration building. You can head north of Aristotelous for a couple of blocks and find Le Palace.

The Hotel Byzantio is located near the water mills and the Philippion is in Seich-Sou Park. They serve as reminders of past glories for this old city and offer tourists mid-range accommodations. Thessaloniki, Greece is full of restaurants and bars that serve locals and visitors but watch out for the tourist traps.

The Domotel Les Lazaristes Hotel is located near the cultural center of Thessaloniki. You should definitely check out the history in a city this old, and the many museums are a good place to start.

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