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Narita Airport is located almost 70 kilometers away from Tokyo. The airport is generally fairly efficient, but because itís the main gateway into Japan, it tends to get crowded, particularly at customs and at the security gate. Because Tokyo airports tend to be so crowded, it is a good idea to ship your luggage, rather than carry it with you. There are efficient services throughout Tokyo that will pick up your luggage for you and deliver it between the airport and your hotel.

Narita has two terminals with easy bus and train transportation between the two. ANA, United, Air Canada, Continental, Delta, Northwest and Korean Air fly out of Terminal 1, and Continental, Delta, Norwest and Korean Air operate from Terminal 2. When you arrive, clearly posted signs will tell you which terminal your plane is flying from, or you can check online.

Many of the best shops and restaurants at Narita are located outside of security, so grab a meal before you pass through. Interesting amenities past security are the dayroom and showers. Dayrooms are available for an hourly rate and consist of a bed and bathroom with a shower, and room reservations can be made a month in advance. If all you need is a quick shower before your next flight, you can rent a shower room for 30 minutes.

Haneda Airport, also known as Tokyo International Airport, is the other airport in Tokyo. It is the busiest airport in Asia and the fourth busiest airport in the world. Despite its name, Haneda is limited almost entirely to domestic travel.

Haneda Airport has three terminals, connected by a regularly scheduled shuttle bus and an underground walkway. Terminal 1 features a large observation deck and a six-story restaurant and shopping area geared toward travelers with time on their hands. Airlines served by Terminal 1 are Japan Airlines, Japan Transocean Air, the budget airline Skymark Airlines and StarFlyer.

Terminal 2 also has a six-story restaurant and shopping area, as well as an open-air rooftop restaurant. Airlines served by Terminal 2 are All Nippon Airways, Hokkaido International Airlines, the budget airline Skynet Asia Airways and StarFlyer.

The third terminal is the International Terminal, which handles charter flights. All scheduled international flights are required to use Narita Airport, unless those flights arrive during very late or very early hours when Narita is closed. Hanedaís international charter flights fly between Tokyo and Seoul, Shanghai and Hong Kong.

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