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Flights to Vancouver Airports (CXH)

The city of Vancouver in Canada is serviced by three major airports: Boundary Bay Airport (ZBB), Langley Regional Airport (YNJ) and Vancouver International Airport (YVR). The Vancouver International Airport (YVR) receives the large majority of international traffic and is the busiest and largest of Vancouverís airports. It is situated about 12 kilometers (7.5 miles) from Downtown Vancouver. The second busiest airport in Canada, the Vancouver International Airport (YVR) has many international airlines scheduling direct flights to it from domestic locations throughout Canada as well as cities across Asia, Europe, Oceania, the Caribbean, Mexico and the United States of America. The airport boasts U.S. border preclearance for any passengers wishing to move on to the United States and avoid lengthy queues and security checks. Rail services connect to both the international and domestic terminals of the airport and are a quick and easy link for passengers to reach locations throughout the Vancouver area. If arriving at night travelers may be forced to use the N10 night bus due to interruptions in the rail services. This bus can take passengers to Downtown Vancouver as well as stops throughout Richmond. Vancouver Airports (CXH) have high, international standards of amenities and facilities for their passengers.

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