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Flights to Yap International Airport (YAP) Colonia

Located near the city of Yap, Micronesia, Yap International Airport (YAP) is one of four airports in the Federated States of Micronesia. It is located 4km southwest of the islandís capital, Colonia. The airport is 850km southwest of Guam and 1300km east of the Philippines.Yap International Airport (YAP) supports the carrier Continental Airlines, providing flights to 55 different domestic and international locations. Regularly scheduled flights fly to Guam and Koror. It is located on the largest of the Western Caroline Islands.The latest renovation of the airport was completed in October, 2007, where portions of the terminal building were removed and rebuilt, a security fence and gates were added, as well as a new wood framing and a metal roof were put into place. The runway lighting and signage were also updated at this time.Being a remote airport, relatively small in size and with infrequent flights, facilities are not extensive. Visitors should plan ahead as they maybe find a lack of options for the likes of banking, dining and information. Travelers are advised to book local transportation ahead of time as there does not appear to be any hotels within 1,200km for those on flights to Yap International Airport (YAP).

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