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Conveniently located in the southwest corner of Arizona, Yuma lies close to the borders of Mexico and California. If you are looking for a nice place to visit for a couple of hours, check out the Yuma Crossing Park. You can enjoy a walk around the park to help take in the scenery and relax while breathing in the fresh air. As the first prison in the state, Yuma Territorial Prison Park was closed back in 2010. There are numerous exhibits you can browse through while taking a tour of the facilities. One of the most memorable features of the park are its inhumane prison cells and old west style that make it feel as if you are in a dark cave.

At the Yuma Quartermaster Depot Historic Park, you can browse through all of the exhibits inside. It was the depot responsible for distributing goods to New Mexico, Arizona, California, Utah and Texas. All of the exhibits inside help to tell the story of the early supply post operations. The information center can be found here as well for information on a variety of other attractions inside of the state.

From The Shilo Inn Hotel to the Holiday Inn and the Ramada Inn, you are sure to find a hotel that works for your needs. Depending on your hotel budget, plenty of hotel accommodations are available from which you can choose.


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