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Flights to Zhengzhou International Airport (CGO)

Located 37 km from Zhengzhou, China, Zhengzhou International Airport (CGO) is the main airport for the Henan province. With over 60 air routes, the airport connects travelers to most major cities in China. It hosts international flights to Bangkok, Seoul, Taipei, Macau, as well as some cities in Japan, Singapore and Hong Kong. The airport’s annual capacity is 2,800,000 travelers a year. Interestingly, the terminal was designed to resemble a large flying bird and covers 46,000 sq m. There are 12 parking spaces for large airplanes.Several banks are located in Zhengzhou International Airport (CGO), providing travelers with a place to exchange or take out money. Buses and taxis connect the airport with the city of Zhengzhou. There is an airport shuttle service that connects the airport with the Civil Aviation Hotel in the center of Zhengzhou for a nominal charge every hour from 6am to 6pm.For those who do not desire to stay the night, the hotel has a comfortable restaurant and bar. However, providing weary travelers arriving on flights to Zhengzhou International Airport (CGO) with a place to stay for the night before they move on, there is a five-star hotel with hot springs conveniently located a mere 100 meters away.

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