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Travel Tip Mini-Bits
Traveling with children not your own? Be sure to have limited power of attorney for medical treatment along with a document notarized from both parents indicating they are aware of your travel and the inclusive dates. This protects everyone involved.

Traveling internationally with just you and a minor child? Be sure to have a notarized letter from the absent parent indicating awareness of travel plans. Without this, you may be denied boarding if it is suspected you might have nefarious intentions.

Make sure your stroller is easily collapsible for stowage on the airplane. If you have an intermediate stop with a long lay over, be sure to ask for the stroller to be brought up so you will have it to use at that airport.

If you have a stroller that takes a mechanical engineer to operate, consider checking it and buying an inexpensive “umbrella stroller” to use at the airport. When you return from your trip, donate it to a local charity. This makes for an easier trip and a good gift.

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