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Avoid the lines at the airport check in counter. Check in online at home or if you canít, at the airport check in kiosk. Many airport hotels also offer check in and boarding pass printing as a free service. At big airports, this can save you Ĺ hour or more.

Most countries prohibit the carrying spare/extra lithium-ion batteries in checked luggage. So be sure your extras are in your carry on. If not, you will find a note in your checked bag on arrival that says the battery was removed for safety reasons.

Since you canít smoke on the plane leave the lighter and matches at home. There is a good chance they will be confiscated anyway and they really are not safe in your checked baggage either. Chances are you will find a store that has what you need on arrival.

Airport security is a serious matter and if you treat it that way, you will get through much faster and with a minimum of discomfort. If you are selected for individual attention, remember to comply with all instructions. They do have the power to deny boarding.

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