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SmartWiz Travel Tips
With over 100+ years of Travel Experience from our BookingWiz staff we share the most interesting travel tips to help you save time and money.
Who is coming up with these fees?
Pretty soon, we’ll have the “Disposal Fee.” As you board the flight attendant notices your brown bag lunch. “Sir, you can pay me the $5 trash disposal fee now if you like or we can simply go back to your credit card company.”

Far fetched? Maybe not! Who would have dreamt on a 5 hour flight you would have to pay for water? Here are some fees you can avoid if you play your cards right.

Special seat fee – Want that aisle, window or exit row? Keep an eye on the first class seat availability. If elite members are upgraded, those seats open and you can jump in them. Always ask at the gate as it could save you up to $50.

Checked bag fee – If you need more “stuff” send light items ahead by delivery service and save the rest for the airline.

Food and Beverage fee – Just bring your own!

Pillow and Blanket fee – Dress in layers and adjust accordingly. A neck pillow may be an option for you; I find them bulky.

Head phone fee – Bring your own with adapters to fit the three common connectors. Check electronics stores.

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