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Drive a little and save alotenl
Today’s Wiz Word for Wize Travel is “Alternatives.” Savvy travelers know about them and use them constantly to get the best deals.

Alternative airports can save in more ways than just airfare.

If you normally use a big hub city and park your car, most of these airports are charging in excess of $10 per day so on a one week excursion, it can run $100 plus!

Ouch! Additionally, airfares are generally lower unless two big carriers are having a turf battle. In any case, consider an airport within a couple of hours drive and weigh all the factors like the parking. Just dig into your brain to recall the old “cost/benefit analysis” from ECON 101 and run the numbers.

In many cases, has done the leg work for you and collective airports like WAS, for Washington, DC, NYC and CHI, for Chicago will increase your choices.

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