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Consider Off-Peak Travell
A long ago when I was a young WART (Wizard’s Assistant Requiring Training) my mentor, Zamboni the Great, said to me, “Wart, you must plan your work and then work your plan.” Today, we will begin the planning stage.

Okay, last week we set our destination so now, we have to decide when to go. Always consider "off-peak" travel first. While this varies by destination, everywhere has an off peak and fares can be significantly lower.

Now, don’t get too off peak but consider a month on each side of the peak season. As an example, April, late September and early October are excellent times to visit central and southern Europe. They are also good for Southeast Asia.

Next, carefully consider day of the week as far as starting and returning from your trip. This is not as easy as it appears so a simple check by comparing travel on Wednesday to that of Saturday or Sunday will tell you the best days. In most cases, Monday and Friday carrier higher fares so be sure to check.

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