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With over 100+ years of Travel Experience from our BookingWiz staff we share the most interesting travel tips to help you save time and money.
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Try to keep all your frequent flyer eggs in one basket! While it might impress your friends when you show them your 15 airline cards, you can be more impressed with carrying one from one airline/alliance and getting that upgrade.

If you purchase in advance and see or hear of a fare war, check your fare again. If it has dropped in the same fare basis, you may be entitled to a voucher for the difference. Call right away to secure it.

Never buy a ticket with cash unless you are about to get on the plane and try not to buy with credit card more than two months out. Why? Cash and credit card purchases more than two months old have little chance of refund should an airline fail.

Off season flights offer the best savings and often the planes are less crowded. Destinations should have lower hotel prices and you might be able to upgrade of get some extra perks like breakfast thrown in.

Get to the airport early, at least two hours for an international flight and 90 minutes for domestic. This is especially true during peak travel times. If you are checking bags, this can further slow your process so account for this.

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