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Book as far in advance as possible to get the best fares. Beware of booking in the summer for fall, winter and spring fares as you will probably pay way too much. For these, wait until late August or early September.

Mid-week to mid-week travel is still the cheapest and while Saturday night stays may not be required; they are still pricier than leaving on a Wednesday and returning Sunday or Tuesday/Wednesday.

Avoid Monday morning, Thursday evening, and all day Friday departures. Cheaper seats on these flights are few and far between. These are prime business travel and airlines price accordingly. Watch out for Sunday as it is becoming expensive too.

If you are traveling coast to coast mid week and returning that same week, save yourself some coins that you can use in the airport slots in Las Vegas. Plan your coast to coast flight as two round trips with Las Vegas as the pivot point… The savings will amaze you!

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