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Packing for that trip
Okay, so you are packing for that trip to Europe and you have your tchotchke list all made out. They are not big items but your suite case is chockablock full, so whatís a traveler to do?

First, you mother lied. While you do have to have clean undies, nothing says they canít have holes and ready to be tossed. And frankly, if you are in a car accident like your mom said, no one is going care if your knickers are frayed or not.

So, put the good stuff away and dig for the ones in the back of the drawer. And grab those sox on their last legs as well. (It will be their last legs, but donít tell themÖ okay?)

Now, if you are the athletic type, you must have some ďabout to depart the earthĒ sweats or work out shorts and tops so pack them as well.

The trick here is to lose a pair a day so when you take them off for the last time, kiss them good bye and toss them! Amazingly, you will have created about a cubic foot of trinket space by the end of your trip and who knows, some house keeper may give those stranded skivvies a new home!

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