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With over 100+ years of Travel Experience from our BookingWiz staff we share the most interesting travel tips to help you save time and money.
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Explore! You never know what you will find until you take a chance. You donít have to go to Rome to see roman ruins. Try England, Spain, France and N. Africa. As cultures spread, so did their architecture. Some of the best Moorish buildings are in Spain!

Make sure you let a trusted neighbor know you are heading out for a vacation. Stop the newspaper and put a hold on the post. Have a neighbor kid mow your grass so as to keep the appearance that you are home. I light timer, on at dusk off at 11PM, is a nice touch.

All foreign travel now requires proper travel documents so make sure your passport, visas and such are in order. Airlines and cruise lines will turn you away without them so know before you go and avoid ruining a vacation.

Traveling overseas? Be sure you have the proper immunizations before you go. Many countries will deny you access without an international shot record. If you are over the age of efficacy for an inoculation, make sure you have a note from your doctor.

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