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What in the world does our Wiz mean? Well, this covers a myriad of sins.

Letís say you check in, go to your room only to discover it is not what you ordered. You asked for and were told you would get a room with two queen beds but when you get to the room, you fine a double and a hide a bed. Or, you were guaranteed an ocean view room for which you paid substantially more only to find the only ocean view is in the picture on the wall.

First, it is important to have a copy of your reservation. Next, call the front desk and ask for Manager on Duty. These people have the power to instantly adjust your rate or give you the room you reserved. If you canít get that room, tell him/her you expect an appropriate adjustment to your rate. Listen to the offer, if it is adequate, accept it, if not tell the manager it is unacceptable and ask to see the General Manager.

Since they are generally busy, you will probably be asked you what you feel is appropriate. If you provide a realistic number, you will probably get that rate. If you are a member of their guest program, be sure to mention that at the start.

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