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Single? Try cruising to nowhere!
Today our Wiz will look at some ways singles can save and how to get a taste of salt water by cruising to nowhere.

Okay, if you are like our Wiz, single and adventurous but not so adventurous as to want to share a cabin, try this. Many ships have a few single cabins available. I will admit these are not prime cabins and are mostly interior but what the heck! Are you booking a cruise to stay in your cabin?

The best way to locate these accommodations is to call the cruise line directly. Have in mind when and where you want to go and ask specifically for ships with single cabins. As a general rule, you should be able to secure a spot by booking early and while single cabins may be a bit more expensive than doubles, at least you will have your privacy.

If you are not sure cruising is for you, consider a “cruise to nowhere.” Normally, these are one or two night affairs and DO NOT include a port of call. They give you a real sense of cruising and allow you to determine if the sea is for you. Unlike single cabins, cruises to nowhere are easily booked online.

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